This summer has also consisted of A LOT of graduations!

My sister Mandi graduated from Liberty University with her Bachelors in Psychology.
My sister Kati graduated from Sebring High School.
My brother Michael graduated from North Fort Myers High School.
My brother Daniel graduated from the 5th grade. 
In honor of Kati’s graduation I was commissioned by Mom and Vernon to make a video-slideshow of sorts. It’s funny how you can have a vision for something, and when you start creating, it comes out completely different and so much better! 

Hello World!

I have officially entered the world of blogging! The idea came this morning when I thought, “Hm, having a blog might be fun… something creative to do with my time” My next thought was, “Wait, I don’t have time for a blog.”

In conversation with Josh this evening I mentioned my idea to him. He said, “Yeah, you should.”
And that was all it took! I say, “Why not?! Try something new, right?” 
So maybe I will have no readers and feel rejected. Or maybe my family and friends (who, unfortunately, I’m not so good at staying in contact with) will be able to “followlisa”