My Weekend in Arkansas

My time with Josh and his family was so much fun. I had a great time at his Uncle Tom’s lake house. We played with the kids a bunch (his cousins Kate and Seth mostly) – driving them on the golf cart, playing in the pool with them, Josh wrestling them while I told the kids where to pinch, punch, and sit on him :). 

We played Bocce Ball (aka lawn bowling) with the family too. Apparently, I’m not too shabby at 
the Italian game. I won’t mention of course
 that my team lost and Josh’s won. But If we’re keeping track of wins and losses I did beat Josh several times at cards ;).
We also went on a swamp buggy ride with his mom and rode a zip line. That thing picked up speed fast and I went barreling into the hay bale with the wrong landing formation. I strained something in the top of my foot, which eventually felt like nothing compared to the huge knot I got on my head when riding on the back of the golf cart the next day. 
We spent 4th of July evening on the porch watching fireworks go off in 5 or 6 different locations across the hills. It was beautiful. Being a Florida girl I certainly enjoyed the coolness of the summer evenings and mornings as well.
Overall it was a great weekend with family, fun, and delicious food!

The flowers Josh had for me when I arrived in Dallas. I absolutely loved them! He also had strawberries and my favorite Dove chocolate.
Down at the dock.
Our first plane ride together!

Josh and the kids. Love the look in his eye!


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