Chocolate Croissants 2.0

I tested out some different ideas for chocolate croissants a few weeks back. I used chocolate chips in some and nutella in others… Nutella definitely wins!

So I made them again this week!

This is so super simple and it is so yummy. It’s like eating at a coffee shop but you get 8 croissants for the price of one!

8 made at home chocolate croissants > 1 chocolate croissant from coffee shop

Here’s my super simple recipe:

1 can of reduced fat pillsbury crescent rolls
1 jar of nutella

*note: you will not use the whole jar of nutella… Unless of course you scarf it down while you wait on the croissants to bake.

**note: I used reduced fat crescent rolls because you ate all that nutella!

Unroll the crescent roll dough and separate the triangles. I use a small spatula and spread nutella on one whole side of a triangle. Spread extra nutella on the wide end and loosely roll up from that side. Place on a baking sheet and bake according to the directions on the crescent roll package. How easy is that?! I watch the cute lil things until they’re golden on top but still pale yellow in places. That’s when they’re fluffy and moist inside (but not doughy!) And you don’t want to over cook them because they will be dried out. Just sprinkle with powdered sugar to make them extra cute and wallah! You’re finished!

Paired with a cup of coffee, this is delicious! Coffee and chocolate croissants are a brilliant food combination!




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