How to Keep your Freshly Painted Nails Lookin’ Pretty

Why have I never thought of this before? I am always messing up my nails after I paint them. Never again though! I’ve discovered a brilliant solution… without trying to. Effortless brilliance – has a nice ring to it, does it not?

Here is my effortlessly brilliant solution: PAINT ONE HAND AT A TIME. Yep that’s it. Paint one hand. Let it dry. Paint second hand. Let it dry. While one hand dries, just use the other.

I think this idea deserves two thumbs up – but only one at a time ;)

Seriously… I feel like it’s so simple surely someone else must have already though of it. Have you? Is that how you keep your manicure lookin good? Or is there some other trick I don’t know about?




  1. I’ve tried a few things – sometimes I put clear first and then whatever color [then sometimes I put clear on top]. But lately, I put lotion around the cuticle, paint my nail, then use a q-tip to clean around it. The mess comes right off!

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