Christmas & the Big City

Our Weekend
In the words of G
Friday night I got my first taste of Christmas! Mom and Dad were helping select songs for the Christmas service at our church. To get in the Christmas spirit Mom hung pretty lights and colorful stockings, and everyone drank wassail! Well, I just ate my banana yogurt bites, but those are really yummy too! It got pretty late, so I fell asleep on Dad’s chest. I really like the way Daddy’s chest feels – it’s perfect for snuggling.
Saturday, I took a trip to the big city! Mom, Dad, and Brandon came with me. We went to a big mall where Uncle Brandon picked up his new iPhone. Then, he and Dad spent a really long time in some store sitting in these funny chairs. 
I thought they were fun to ride in too! A lot more fun than my stroller. I sat in it some of the time, but mostly I like to be held. 
After the big mall, we went to a giant Swedish furniture store. Dad and Uncle Brandon made a fun game of pushing me back and forth in the shopping cart. I liked that! Mom didn’t seem too happy about it though… I think she was scared we would break something or that I would get hurt. Silly Mom! She worries too much :) 
But I know that’s just because she loves me!

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