G and her Dad

A couple pics from this weekend…

Eating an orange slice with dad. Not a huge fan. Prefers lemons over oranges. Go figure.

Playing by the stage at church. Daddy holds her hands while she walks. It’s her new favorite thing.

A week ago we were at a bonfire. Someone was playing guitar and we were having a time of worship. Some sat around the fire. Others walked into the dark to worship more privately.

I was standing just outside the circle of chairs, and Josh was a short distance away taking his turn caring for G. I looked over to see them in the same position as the picture above. Daddy holding his baby girl’s hands as she wobbly placed one foot in front of the other. It was like a scene from a movie that makes you blink back tears (complete with soundtrack).

I’m sure at some point in my life I’ve seen a similar scene and thought, “I hope one day that will be my husband and my child.” I just stared at them. I couldn’t pull my eyes away or wipe the smile from my face. I couldn’t believe that THIS is my life. It’s not a scene from a movie or just a longing in my heart. This is my reality.

My heart swelled with love and pure joy as I watched them do something so simple, and I thought “I am SO blessed. Thank you Lord, for you have blessed me abundantly.”