Our Ski Trip to Steamboat

Just wanted to share a few photos from our trip to Colorado. I tried to post from my phone while I was there and encountered some glitches so maybe you’ll see that post later… or not. 
We had a fantastic time! We went with Brandon’s family. It was relaxing for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with G while the others hit the slopes. However, on the last day Brandon’s parents babysat G so that Josh and Brandon could teach me how to ski. I mean, how could you go to the Rockies during ski season and not at least attempt it? I had a great time. Fell a lot, but laughed through it all :) Here are few photos from the trip…

First Steps!

G officially took her first steps today – on her 10 month birthday! She really only walks when she isn’t paying attention to what she’s doing. When you try to get her to walk she’s too scared to let go. She tries to squat down and crawl.

I can’t believe she’s 10 months old, and I can’t believe my baby is turning into a toddler.