I Lu Lu

G started saying “I lu lu” today! “I lu lu” is a phrase that I said when I was a little girl, and it means “I love you”. I am beyond excited to hear G say those same precious words!! Your heart is going to burst right open when you watch this video – it is that darn cute!

This is the good life…

A couple of Saturdays ago, we had a family day around the house. Washed the car, soaked up the sun, and swam in our pool for the first time. It was such a completely ordinary day…. and that’s what I loved about it! 
It reminded me of home videos when I was G’s age. Running around outside. Playing in the hose. Floatin’ in the pool… And whenever I’m enjoying a very Ordinary-Florida-type day the words of my Poppa always seem to spring to mind… “I wonder what the poor folk are doing today.” 
And it is so appropriate, because I am rich, indeed. I just have to look into the beautiful, smiling eyes of my daughter to know how true it is. 

We are living the good life!