This is the good life…

A couple of Saturdays ago, we had a family day around the house. Washed the car, soaked up the sun, and swam in our pool for the first time. It was such a completely ordinary day…. and that’s what I loved about it! 
It reminded me of home videos when I was G’s age. Running around outside. Playing in the hose. Floatin’ in the pool… And whenever I’m enjoying a very Ordinary-Florida-type day the words of my Poppa always seem to spring to mind… “I wonder what the poor folk are doing today.” 
And it is so appropriate, because I am rich, indeed. I just have to look into the beautiful, smiling eyes of my daughter to know how true it is. 

We are living the good life!



  1. So true Lisa!!! Brings back such good memories of you and Brent when you were little. Gia is such a doll. Hoping to see you all in June! Love you! elaine

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