Does He Have What It Takes?

Can it really be only four years? Only four years ago that I walked down the aisle towards a dream-filled future. Toward a man I said yes to, because I decided, “He’s got what it takes.” It feels like a different lifetime. I was a different person then.

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I watched our wedding ceremony this week. I should make it an anniversary tradition. It’s just good to remember the love, and excitement, and anticipation of it all. Remember the vows, relive the emotions of each moment. It’s so crazy to think at that time I was excited to become a wife and to have children and to live plain ol’ normal life with Josh, yet I had no idea what any of that was like. It was all just a dream inside of me. I didn’t know my kids. They didn’t exist. How strange that there was a time when I wasn’t a wife and mom. How very strange…

I said, “Yes” to Josh for a number of reasons. It’s kind of our thing. He always thanks me for saying yes, and I say thanks for asking. Before I could say yes though, my analytical brain had been listening to and observing this man since the day we met, which neither of us remembers by the way – haha. No matter – I can tell you I was analyzing him. I did it with any potential guy, and I always asked, “Does he have what it takes?”

Does he have what it takes to stick it out when the going gets tough? Does he have what it takes to press on when the storms of life come against us? Does he have what it takes to fight for us, for our marriage, for our family? Does he have what it takes to lead our family spiritually? To be a father? To provide for us? Does he have what it takes??

Obviously, no one can know the future. You take something of a risk choosing your mate. Well… I’m pretty happy with the risk I took :) This guy, let me tell you, he’s got what it takes! He fights for our marriage in the simplest of ways – in the small stuff. He strengthens our marriage daily by loving me and affirming me and so very often telling me he appreciates me. He loves me by coming home with a cup of Starbucks coffee for me. He loves me by telling me I’m beautiful at times when I feel the furthest from it. Sometimes I think the man’s vision must be impaired. The morning after giving birth to our son I throw off the covers to reveal my ravaged-by-childbirth body, clad in those giant stretchy underwear they give you (better known as a diaper) and in the most sincere tone, my husband tells me I am beautiful. THAT young ladies is true love – not what you see in those sappy chick-flicks and romance novels.

So yes, he’s got what it takes. Oh, he’s not perfect. The dishes are still sitting in the dishwasher that he was supposed to put away yesterday. And I have to ask him the same question multiple times because he get’s so focused in on his phone or computer. But I’ll take it. Because I said yes. I said yes to the good and the bad. The wonderful, romantical moments and the irritating, annoying ones. I said yes to it all – four years ago, and every day since. Every day I choose to say yes. Of course it helps knowing I’ve got a guy by my side who’s got what it takes :)


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