Chocolate Butterflies & Potties

As you may or may not know we’ve been potty training lately. I am beyond thrilled, because I first pushed it when G was 19 months old – big mistake. I was totally convinced I could do it with the 3-day method at such a young age simply because I wanted my kid potty trained before I had a second one to diaper. Ah the naiveté! If anything, pushing it so early just created negative feelings that have hindered the process. Many people have said, “Don’t worry. It will happen. She won’t be in diapers for the rest of her life.” True. But not comforting when there’s a giant puddle of pee on your floor. Right next to the potty. That your kid just refused to go on.

We tried a few methods to get her to pee on the potty, but nothing motivates quite like food. She is my child after all. Sometimes we give her a snack and tell her she has to eat it on the potty – and sometimes we give her an entire ear of corn.

2014-05-27 18.38.57


At other times we’ve used food as a reward for going on the potty. Josh’s mom aka Mimi gave G some chocolate butterflies that we began using as rewards. Thankfully, we have run out of them at this point. She was peeing too many times in a day, and I was feeding her a lot of chocolate.

My advice to the potty training mommas out there: Chocolate is the Answer. For your kid. And for yourself.

If you’ve got any other tips or good potty training stories I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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