About Lisa

I am an event planner. I love planning everything from weddings and conferences to dinners and parties and vacations. I long to create “the perfect experience.” My favorite place to be is in the kitchen, on a trip, or outdoors with my bible and coffee. Life hits perfection when my husband joins me – in any of those places.

I am wife to Josh, an entrepreneur & podcast host of The Pitch. I am a mom to my precious gem of a daughter who will do great things in life with that strong-willed attitude of her’s. (I’m doing my best to channel it in the right direction.) And my son… there are no words. He steals little pieces of my heart every single day. Then there is my little pumpkin pie. She’s the baby who is rushing to catch up to her big siblings.

My heart is women’s ministry, and that is why I write. I am a researcher by nature. I long for wisdom. I seek out truth, and I have to share what I learn.

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Thanks for stopping in. Grab a coffee and stay a while.



muccio.lisa {at} gmail.com

I love to cook. I love capturing that perfect photo or designing the cutest invitation. I love coffee with girlfriends and snuggle time with my kids. I love food – period. And I CANNOT stop decorating my house! I move stuff around all.the.time. Also, Target and I are BFFs. For real. Don’t tell my husband. Speaking of… Josh is pretty amazing. He challenges me, and pushes me to go after the things in my heart. He’s actually my BFF. Target probably hits about fifth place, especially since it’s been holding out on me. (Did you know they have unmarked clearance? Like 90% off! Just hiding in the store with no orange sticker on it!) Also, I love to plan… parties, vacations, weddings, showers, dinners, and more… That’s why I’m always at target! I’m buying supplies!