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G plays a G Chord

OK not really. I guess she’s playing more of a barre chord of types -ish.
Very -ish. Oh well. She’s starting young – that’s good enough!
She always loves to be with Dad when he’s practicing guitar. I mean the girl’s practically destined to be creative in some way. Of course, we wouldn’t love her any less if she isn’t. 
 God’s placed unique gifts inside each of us, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for G!

G’s and Jeans

G wore jeans for the first time in her life today. At first she couldn’t crawl without falling flat on her belly. Sitting up and twisting around were difficult as well in such a constricting material. It was quite funny :)

We were visited by Josh’s grandparents today. G played with G-Gma (That’s great-grandma for short) and chased after their dog Rusty. He didn’t want to play so he barked at her. She cried… And then started chasing after him again.


Beach Bum

We went to the beach Saturday. Bad idea. We were pelted by gusts of sand thanks to winds from the hurricane. Everyone hated it. Except G. She just chewed on her little rubber ducky covered in sand. Of course I had her completely covered.

If you recognize this cover up and who gave it to her let me know. I want to say Aunt Julie or mom.