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The Fear Pandemic

Coronavirus is quickly spreading a pandemic of fear. And fear is a struggle best dealt with spiritually. Breaking free from fear comes down to ONE simple thing.

Stop “managing” your anxiety and praying powerless prayers. You can find freedom today & pray powerful prayers that bring PEACE!

Sadness like water

I wrote this last year during a time that held so much death and so many hard questions. While I may not have the answers, I choose to trust the one who holds us through it all.

There is so much sadness. So much death. I feel the weight of it. Like water all around me.

I am okay with it. Sadness is not something to be fought, but something to walk through. For how does one battle water?

I am drawn into the arms of my Father. I pull back to ask why. He folds me in. His response.

I cannot see what He can see.

I rest in the sadness. Somehow. I am at rest in Him. Trusting. Always trusting. For what else can I do? Where else would I turn?

I turn to Life. In the midst of death.

My hope is in the Living God.

Be Kind.

Be kind for everyone you meet isfighting a hardbattle.

Sometimes we can see the trials people are walking through. They are posted on Facebook openly where friends can offer encouragement and prayers. My cousin Leah just started her Senior year of high school and has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Everyone knows the battle she’s fighting. It’s not difficult to offer kindness.

Others walk through trials privately and we know nothing of the pain they battle daily. Couples who struggle with infertility – losing babies they fight so hard to have. Few know the heart ache they are living with.

Whether physical or mental, emotional or spiritual everyone is fighting a battle. Every life has a story behind that cover we are so quick to judge.

Perhaps, we could offer a little more grace. To the slow driver. To our boss. To our parents. To our siblings. To the person who messed up and got us feeling all offended over something that is likely insignificant.

I’m speaking to myself here.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Be kind.

Kindness is underrated.

It must be, because how often are we surprised by acts of kindness? And yet, how simple it is to be kind. To smile. To offer kind words. To push down our justified offense, realizing we are far rom perfect, and, in the words of Queen Elsa, “Let it go.”

Today as you interact with the grumpy cashier at the grocery store or the coworker who ticked you off remember that everyone is fighting a hard battle. Help them out by being kind.